In the cold light of day
Where loneliness strikes at its best
She was all by herself
Inside her tiny little world
On the rare nights
When the ‘demons-of-past’,
Haunted back at her
She ached alone,
All by herself
Desperately, she was
In need of someone
To cling-on to
As the past shattered her soul into unrecognizable pieces
She was afraid of constant-relationships
Her thoughts have been raped,
And has thrown away
There were no familiar voices at all
The voices,
Who could support her, love her
Or give her a hand
Deeper down,
She has lost herself,
In a place she rarely acknowledged
Her life was a mess, painted in a gray-scale
There were no beams of hopes, at all
But yet,
She was a dreamer, a fighter and a believer
Who search through the rubble of life,
To find the pebbles of happiness
Just then one day,
She found the ‘love of her life’
Who had accepted her as a whole
Sorrows started to fade away
Fantasies of a little girl in her twenties
Started to bloom-up
Though ‘he’ is not a Knight in a shining armor
He is a true ‘Companion’,
To herself,
And to her wounded heart.


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