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Towards a Balanced Life

Creating a meaningful legacy…..

Work-life balance is adjusting our daily activities to achieve a sense of balance between work life and personal life. In a world where the professional and personal demands of our lives often collide and compete; we find ourselves longing for more balance in life or rather a more fulfilling life.

Work-life balance is an expectation of the millennials who are not willing to sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of their careers. There was a time when the boundaries between work and personal life were fairly clear. Today, however, work has invaded our personal life to a greater extent and maintaining work-life balance is no such a simple task. With the opportunities that technology provides to us, it is becoming more common than ever for people to work beyond their allotted hours per day. This makes it difficult to find the right work – life balance. Since now it’s so easy to continue working remotely; it has become harder to realise when it is time to give ourselves a break and some much-needed rest and relaxation.

A Perfect balance is an illusion that will never exist and chasing after it only contributes to the frustration and dissatisfaction we sometimes feel. This disappointment could escort to a stressful life. Not only do we have the stresses of our personal life to deal with, we also compound those problems with the stresses that occur in the workplace. Every one of us has experienced stress at a some stage in our lives. It is a way for us to know that something in our life is causing us concern and is affecting the way we are thinking and feeling. Though, Stress is not always bad, when you are continuously running in emergency mode, your mind and body may have to pay the price.

Creating a balanced life is the small and conscious choices we can make each day. It can lead to a less stressed and more content life. If we can learn both to set limits and look after ourselves, we can achieve the work-life balance that’s best for us. By understanding our key priorities, we can ensure that we make time for the most astounding things in life.

Striking a healthy work-life balance cannot be accomplished overnight; it is a continuous process that requires constant energy and concentration. Impossible it may seem, we can manufacture time if we set limits to our activities. Remember if we cannot change the situation; we should make an effort to change our perceptions about the situation in order to thrive in this challenging world.

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