Author Archives: Prasadi Attanayaka


Vague and unfocused mind of mine
Glanced through the darkness,
To be shattered by life
Over and over and over again,
Life knocked me down,
And I never stood-up
It was my own misery,
And it drew myself-in
The deeper it goes, the more I stuck-up
Sorrowful things have surrounded me up
No matter I shouted, No body heard me up
It was my fault that I looped through life
Making bad decisions, one at a time
As I have repented when the days passing by
Moaning for ‘the love-s’ that destroyed my life
It was a mid-day of August,
The day she came to me
Like a ‘divine angel’ who came to rescue me
She pulled myself up and patted me back
Taught me up to never give-up
Said, ‘Life went on and never looks back’
I was eased with pain and it’s time to look up
I wondered as if kindness runs through her veins
Cause, she’s admirable for the things she has done
A true soul that I can count myself on
My gratitude for you, will be ‘forever on’
As long as life went on,
And no matter what!


In the cold light of day
Where loneliness strikes at its best
She was all by herself
Inside her tiny little world
On the rare nights
When the ‘demons-of-past’,
Haunted back at her
She ached alone,
All by herself
Desperately, she was
In need of someone
To cling-on to
As the past shattered her soul into unrecognizable pieces
She was afraid of constant-relationships
Her thoughts have been raped,
And has thrown away
There were no familiar voices at all
The voices,
Who could support her, love her
Or give her a hand
Deeper down,
She has lost herself,
In a place she rarely acknowledged
Her life was a mess, painted in a gray-scale
There were no beams of hopes, at all
But yet,
She was a dreamer, a fighter and a believer
Who search through the rubble of life,
To find the pebbles of happiness
Just then one day,
She found the ‘love of her life’
Who had accepted her as a whole
Sorrows started to fade away
Fantasies of a little girl in her twenties
Started to bloom-up
Though ‘he’ is not a Knight in a shining armor
He is a true ‘Companion’,
To herself,
And to her wounded heart.