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Towards a Balanced Life

Creating a meaningful legacy…..

Work-life balance is adjusting our daily activities to achieve a sense of balance between work life and personal life. In a world where the professional and personal demands of our lives often collide and compete; we find ourselves longing for more balance in life or rather a more fulfilling life.

Work-life balance is an expectation of the millennials who are not willing to sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of their careers. There was a time when the boundaries between work and personal life were fairly clear. Today, however, work has invaded our personal life to a greater extent and maintaining work-life balance is no such a simple task. With the opportunities that technology provides to us, it is becoming more common than ever for people to work beyond their allotted hours per day. This makes it difficult to find the right work – life balance. Since now it’s so easy to continue working remotely; it has become harder to realise when it is time to give ourselves a break and some much-needed rest and relaxation.

A Perfect balance is an illusion that will never exist and chasing after it only contributes to the frustration and dissatisfaction we sometimes feel. This disappointment could escort to a stressful life. Not only do we have the stresses of our personal life to deal with, we also compound those problems with the stresses that occur in the workplace. Every one of us has experienced stress at a some stage in our lives. It is a way for us to know that something in our life is causing us concern and is affecting the way we are thinking and feeling. Though, Stress is not always bad, when you are continuously running in emergency mode, your mind and body may have to pay the price.

Creating a balanced life is the small and conscious choices we can make each day. It can lead to a less stressed and more content life. If we can learn both to set limits and look after ourselves, we can achieve the work-life balance that’s best for us. By understanding our key priorities, we can ensure that we make time for the most astounding things in life.

Striking a healthy work-life balance cannot be accomplished overnight; it is a continuous process that requires constant energy and concentration. Impossible it may seem, we can manufacture time if we set limits to our activities. Remember if we cannot change the situation; we should make an effort to change our perceptions about the situation in order to thrive in this challenging world.

Just think a min…..

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Letting Go

May be the hardest thing to do in life, but undeniably the most cherished gratitude that you can offer to yourself.

All of are no strangers to loss. We’ve watched family members and friends die or part away. We’ve all had romantic relationships end in a spectacular explosion and we’ve had them end in a long, drawn out silence. We’ve lost friendships, jobs, cities, and communities. And, most tragically we’ve lost belief and faith—in both ourselves and others.

Human mind has the most complicated texture in nature. It hold on to pain and memories, beyond their ability to serve us; because among life’s chaos, we believe they give us a sense of identity. Yes, it may be true, since every mistake and every pain creates us and each experience brings out our true potential. Nevertheless holding on to things that we don’t have any control over, also has the power to eventually destroy our sense of self.

The thought of letting go involves a conscious choice versus a physical action. Also it can be extremely challenging and terrifying. It can also be very excruciating because letting go is not always something you’re prepared to do: especially if your heart and mind are singing two different songs.

Sometimes life enlightens us with lessons in the hardest possible way. When we are no longer in a position to alter anything that is happening, we must awake the warrior in our self and  find courage to accept what is happening as it is.

Letting go means liberating yourself from all the negative energy surrounding you, letting go means expanding your life to see the world differently and letting go means forgiving yourselves and the circumstances that created your state of mind.

As the well-known quote, ultimately what matter is how much you loved…how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you…

 Let go….embrace yourself…just think a min….


Vague and unfocused mind of mine
Glanced through the darkness,
To be shattered by life
Over and over and over again,
Life knocked me down,
And I never stood-up
It was my own misery,
And it drew myself-in
The deeper it goes, the more I stuck-up
Sorrowful things have surrounded me up
No matter I shouted, No body heard me up
It was my fault that I looped through life
Making bad decisions, one at a time
As I have repented when the days passing by
Moaning for ‘the love-s’ that destroyed my life
It was a mid-day of August,
The day she came to me
Like a ‘divine angel’ who came to rescue me
She pulled myself up and patted me back
Taught me up to never give-up
Said, ‘Life went on and never looks back’
I was eased with pain and it’s time to look up
I wondered as if kindness runs through her veins
Cause, she’s admirable for the things she has done
A true soul that I can count myself on
My gratitude for you, will be ‘forever on’
As long as life went on,
And no matter what!


I run and run
Digging my bare soles in to the darkness
Only the moonlight to lit my pathway
I run to find solitude
To break away from this feeling of trapped
I run to stumble on a way
Until I can feel the breeze dancing with me
I run wildly beyond the horizons
To feel an eternal moment
Until I can feel that illuminated touch again
I run to make myself complete
To believe in the magic inside me
Only to witness
The Sun gliding through the clouds
The butterflies embracing the petals in the roses
Making me aware
That I’m the survivor
Who endured thousand agonies of spring
I rest;
Uncovering a warrior in my self
Finally to taste the summer’s bliss!

If you can be anything…..Always chose to be kind…..

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”- Mark Twain


Kindness is the essence of mankind, which enlighten us that there still is hope to linger on. Kindness is the universal language that is comprehended beyond any boundaries. An act of kindness never goes vain.  Being kind to others implants a positive feeling and makes this world a better place to live.

Kindness is the basic driving force of the nature. It is taught by every religion. Be it Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or Islam or any other religion to name, all teach to express kindness towards each other.

By practicing acts of kindness spontaneously, you have the power to change the way people see and experience the world. As the most of the times selfless deeds result in the most favorable and flourishing deals of the life. Every single person hopes to leave a legacy in the world. Thus, practicing a random act of kindness is an opportunity to leave your footprints in the world.

You may feel that you have little to offer but by practicing a random act of kindness, even the tiniest things matter. Even a little hug or just uttering “take care” would be enough to brighten up someone’s life.

Being kind to self is equally important as being kind to others. Don’t be unkind to yourself and give space to the trivial mistakes in life to make you a bitter person. As, we only learn by making mistakes. Learn from the experience and move ahead in the positive direction and apply that knowledge to give wisdom to others. By practicing a random act of kindness, you can help uplift their spirit, make their day way better or inspire them. Even with the madness that surrounds us, we don’t fight fire with fire – we spread love, we look after each other.

Surviving Failures…..

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Like stars can not shine without darkness, success cannot exist without facing failures few or more times.

However, even if there is so much positivity, encouragements and plenty of philosophical thoughts behind failures; when our mistakes stare us in the face; it is almost impossible to not to let negative feelings rule our mind. That is why it is important to realize that certain failures in life are really a blessing in disguise.

It requires immense strength to admit our faults and even greater strength to witness the light at the end of the tunnel. A failed try is an opportunity to return with a smarter approach. The idea of success itself comes through the process of learning to fix our errors; rather than embracing victory at the first attempt.

Our ego is the main culprit that prevents us from accepting our failures, since our self-esteem leads us to deny the fact that we were wrong, thus building up various excuses to lay the blame on others.

A failure may not be all exciting, but its’ consequences depend on how you interpret your experience. Failures are a part of life and the universal energies challenge us to decode the hidden message implied by them.

A failure helps us to be exposed to different opinions of others. It guides you to redefine the priorities in life and let you realize your true friends who bond with you through thick and thin. It develops ways to deal with different emotions and educate us with the lesson that we should not get too much attached to the plan, since even the “Unsinkable Titanic” also failed to complete its journey.

There are certain failures that are necessary to thrive in life.

  • It takes a toxic relationship or a failed romance to appreciate when the soul mate comes along.
  • An unsatisfactory  career choice to discover the true passion in life
  • A broke financial position to value a stable income
  • Or simply an awful hairstyle to find out which fashion highlights the finest features of you.


Life is all about understanding and accepting the journey even it makes no sense at this moment. The tragedies we confront ultimately create the best version of ourself, since a smooth sea has never made a good sailor…

The pleasure of Reading

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes”

Reading may be an obligation for academics, a past time activity for some, but it sure is a pleasure for many. The joyful satisfaction of reading is instant and it endures in the mind of the reader.

Reading a good book is like taking a journey; experiencing an adventure. It opens up a whole new world where one can smell countless fragrances of life. In the world of reading, one can make an almost impossible existence, livable. We can leisurely place ourselves in the world the author has created; since it is a free ride to the infinite world of possibilities.  One of the greatest pleasures that can be gained through a good read is that the reader can forget his own identity for a while and wonder off to an alien reality. It helps to lift up the harsh realities of everyday life in to a beautiful world of imagination. A book has a magical touch that can convert a negative emotion to a positive one, since it allows you to grasp the emotions of another individual who may has a different kind of perception to life. Reading facilitates an open mind, which empowers the reader with the wisdom that is much needed in this world full of chaos.

The world belongs to those who read, since what you read is what you think and what you think is what you ultimately become.  May it be a book, a newspaper or any form of readable material, we can experience the history, different cultures and different philosophies in this world by consuming them. Reading enriches our experiences and sharpens our judgments. A book can be a good companion when the life becomes lonely, since it gives you company, when our friends cannot.

Reading gifts you with one of the greatest enjoyments in life. As they say, “books are uniquely portable magic” that helps to add a little sparkle to our souls. It feels so refreshing to lose ourselves once in a while in a good read as we might find our true selves in there too….