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Let the Children be…..

“The word can be a serious place. That is why it is important to go outside and play. I hope you take time to smell all the flowers and put all the leaves you want in your bucket now” – Words by Mark Zuckerberg to his daughter “August”

Children are the beautiful flowers that blossoms in the life’s garden. They are the sunshine that brings warmth into our heart and we as parents holds the greatest responsibility of shaping them as all the children are uncut diamonds. Every child is gifted in his own way and behind every kid who believes in himself; there is the parents who believed in him first and let him be proud of himself.

The future world desires a generation with an optimistic sense of self and who is able to feel the beauty in the surroundings; not robotic creatures who fail to see the colours in this world.

The greatest thing we can do for our children is “let them just be children” for they will not have this precious childhood for long. They should be free from the pressure and free from judgments for they are the tiny version of our selves who needs love and acceptance to follow their vivid and unscripted imaginations.

Let them dream and let them be sad, since that is how they should be taught that the world will not be fair for them always.  Let them play; let them eat that ice cream that they so badly crave. Hopefully if one day we can allow them to run outside when it’s raining or if we let them remove shoes and dance in that puddle of water that they find so fascinating and let them shout and laugh when the sun rays touches their faces; they will have the chance to grasp that ever so magical childhood that their small hearts yearn from us.

Love is what they need to thrive and be confident yet humble human beings.  We as modern parents are prepared to do almost anything for our children except letting them just be themselves. At the end, our task as parents should be to ensure that our children will always have a home filled with love and understanding to return to…no matter where they wonder off in life.

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A father’s Love…the unspoken emotion…!

To the most magical person in my life….

The day that I first held you in my arms; my soul saw you and it kind of went…Oh, there you are…I’ve been searching for you all my life. From the moment I have laid my eyes on you, I have found the purpose to my existence in this world.

Though, the days have become longer and a good night’s sleep has become a luxury, you make every little obstacle in life worth taking on and they seem to disappear when I see your smiling face. Life kept on challenging me in so many ways and from you I finally found the reason. Through those tests and trials I have become stronger, to be there for you when the going gets tough.

The love I have for you; the responsibilities that grew within me since the day you arrived, changed and shaped my life in such a way that I cannot still believe how someone so little have such profound effect on me from the very first sight. Days before you; I considered myself to be the toughest person among my friends, indifferent to many things happening around me. But, you proved me wrong. I am now a different person, a very sensitive person; because I have become very protective of you. I want to shield you from the evil in this world.

The best parent in me you may have not seen, but what I see is the most precious person in you; my best friend in you.

I love how your face lightens up when you see me, as if I’m the only hero in your life. I love how your little finger grasps my hand, as if I’m the only protector you have. I love how you cuddle with me, as if my warmth gives you the greatest comfort in this world.

Spread your wings and live LIFE to the fullest my little angel; because I am going to live mine through your eyes. I LOVE YOU!