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Silent Winter Dreams

 One fine day
 Unaware to many
 Ushering wonders in the air
 Winters’ white grace blessed me with a splendid mystery

Misty mornings
Lights of snow
Warmth of December Sun
Reminding me of the gleam in those eyes

Freshly fallen snow
Cool and ruffled breeze
The glitters underneath the white cloudy glaze
Reminisced me of the chills of that touch

A silent song
I long to hum again
An invincible journey
I crave to quest again

Oh dear winter!
You have always been kind to me


One unanswered question
Eternally blazing my mind
Was I just another conquest?

Wondering and waiting
Embracing this frosty phase
Until I feel your tenderness again
I will see you in my winters’ Dreams…..