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Letting Go

May be the hardest thing to do in life, but undeniably the most cherished gratitude that you can offer to yourself.

All of are no strangers to loss. We’ve watched family members and friends die or part away. We’ve all had romantic relationships end in a spectacular explosion and we’ve had them end in a long, drawn out silence. We’ve lost friendships, jobs, cities, and communities. And, most tragically we’ve lost belief and faith—in both ourselves and others.

Human mind has the most complicated texture in nature. It hold on to pain and memories, beyond their ability to serve us; because among life’s chaos, we believe they give us a sense of identity. Yes, it may be true, since every mistake and every pain creates us and each experience brings out our true potential. Nevertheless holding on to things that we don’t have any control over, also has the power to eventually destroy our sense of self.

The thought of letting go involves a conscious choice versus a physical action. Also it can be extremely challenging and terrifying. It can also be very excruciating because letting go is not always something you’re prepared to do: especially if your heart and mind are singing two different songs.

Sometimes life enlightens us with lessons in the hardest possible way. When we are no longer in a position to alter anything that is happening, we must awake the warrior in our self and  find courage to accept what is happening as it is.

Letting go means liberating yourself from all the negative energy surrounding you, letting go means expanding your life to see the world differently and letting go means forgiving yourselves and the circumstances that created your state of mind.

As the well-known quote, ultimately what matter is how much you loved…how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you…

 Let go….embrace yourself…just think a min….

Surviving Failures…..

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Like stars can not shine without darkness, success cannot exist without facing failures few or more times.

However, even if there is so much positivity, encouragements and plenty of philosophical thoughts behind failures; when our mistakes stare us in the face; it is almost impossible to not to let negative feelings rule our mind. That is why it is important to realize that certain failures in life are really a blessing in disguise.

It requires immense strength to admit our faults and even greater strength to witness the light at the end of the tunnel. A failed try is an opportunity to return with a smarter approach. The idea of success itself comes through the process of learning to fix our errors; rather than embracing victory at the first attempt.

Our ego is the main culprit that prevents us from accepting our failures, since our self-esteem leads us to deny the fact that we were wrong, thus building up various excuses to lay the blame on others.

A failure may not be all exciting, but its’ consequences depend on how you interpret your experience. Failures are a part of life and the universal energies challenge us to decode the hidden message implied by them.

A failure helps us to be exposed to different opinions of others. It guides you to redefine the priorities in life and let you realize your true friends who bond with you through thick and thin. It develops ways to deal with different emotions and educate us with the lesson that we should not get too much attached to the plan, since even the “Unsinkable Titanic” also failed to complete its journey.

There are certain failures that are necessary to thrive in life.

  • It takes a toxic relationship or a failed romance to appreciate when the soul mate comes along.
  • An unsatisfactory  career choice to discover the true passion in life
  • A broke financial position to value a stable income
  • Or simply an awful hairstyle to find out which fashion highlights the finest features of you.


Life is all about understanding and accepting the journey even it makes no sense at this moment. The tragedies we confront ultimately create the best version of ourself, since a smooth sea has never made a good sailor…

To Travel is to Live

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Anderson

There is nothing quite like travelling, seeing a place for the first time, experiencing a new culture or returning to a favorite place which has left you enchanted. Ibn Battuta;  the greatest traveler of Pre-modern times has once stated that “Travelling…first it leaves you speechless…Then it turns you into a storyteller”, which beautifully narrates the excitement of travelling.

Recent studies have relieved that “travelling” brings satisfaction more than financial wealth, since it open doors for many adventures. It also warms your heart and set your mind free .A travelling exposure doesn’t necessarily have to be to a foreign location; it could also be a well known local place that has captured your soul.

It is a big world out there and there are seven billion people who live each day of their lives having different yet unique experiences. Travelling allows one to grasp those experiences and conceive them into their hearts.Travelling enlightens us that how insignificant and irrelevant the problems we thought that were so significant are.It affirms us how small our surroundings are and that we are not the only ship in the sea.

Travelling gets a person out of their comfort zones, away from their routine life styles, which enables them to realise their true selves and to make most out of this precious gift of life.

Travelling allows us to witness our native ambience in a different light. We all live between the crazy chaoses of our lives, thus travelling gives the opportunity to disconnect from our regular monotonous life. It helps  to re-adjust ourselves and re-face our concerns in a more productive manner . Furthermore, travelling helps one to appreciate local settings more as away from home one comes to realise what “home” actually means.

Most importantly travelling increases our knowledge and enhances our wisdom more than reading a book can do, since we actually  get to experience a whole new world, touch the places and smell the fragrances. It helps to build open minded persons as it encourages one to encounter different backgrounds. Food and culture is the most important in a new location , as different flavors of food and different colours of the culture of a far away destination is a soul awakening experience for sure.

One would never regret taking time off and spending the valuable savings while flying away to a distant  location, since to travel is eventually is to find yourself and most importantly it allows you to be in love with the cities that you have never been to and adore the people that you have never met. Travelling gives you strength to appreciate the dissimilarities between different cultures and to embrace the similarities among them , explaining that ultimately all of us belong to the same tribe  of “ humans on Earth”.

A tribute to an Unknown Soul…..

Life is too short and happiness is too rare

One day when I was waiting in the car, looking at the road and wondering about everything…wondering about nothing…Then I saw this person, a pleasant looking middle aged person. He was crossing the road. It was just an ordinary sight. And then…..BLAST….!!! He was down and bleeding. He has been hit by another vehicle. It all happened within a blink of an eye that it took me a while to realize what had really happened.

People gathered around him, someone called for an ambulance. Someone else called for police. I was in a state of shock for a few minutes. I was may be the only person who saw him….just seconds before he passed out. I saw how he was struggling to get up. I know he wanted to LIVE. The ambulance drove away hurriedly…leaving me with thousands of emotions.

Maybe his wife was waiting for him at home. May be he has promised his children that he will come home early that day. May be he was returning from meeting someone he loves. May be he was his parents last hope.

Life is so fragile, we hear this almost every day. Yet, have we really apprehended it?

We always wonder about the purpose of our existence in this world, hesitating whether we are at the right place at this phase of our lives; that we forget everyday to LIVE life. What we fail to realize is that we are losing precious moments of our lives which we can never be reoccurred.

Love and respect everyone around you. Who knows? It may be the last time you will get to see them. Take one moment at a time. Walk through life a little slower. Do not waste this precious life stressing over things you do not have any control. Our happiness lies within us. We will not find it anywhere else.

Love with an open heart. Love fully, forgive easily and choose wisely. Just take a look around. There are so many things to be appreciative to… people who makes the life worth living for. Life is beautiful. We just have to feel it. Follow your heart, listen to the nature; you may find the answers there and you may just find yourself there…!

When we stop taking risks…We stop living life….

As we continue in life’s journey, there comes many instances where the choice of a risk is given. It may be involved with moving to a different place, changing careers, having a child or simply falling in love. In some occasions we may be given an option and in some, there’s no other alternative than taking the leap.

Risks, by nature are very terrifying. It’s consequences are uncertain and unpredictable. There’s always a possibility that we may have to pick up shattered pieces and start all over again. Nevertheless, what we must realize is that out of our comfort zone is where magic happens.

Risks gives us the opportunity to explore our dreams and aspirations. It tests our talents and limits.  Taking risks enhance our self- Risks allow us to nurture and discover new things about ourselves and also about this world.

There are two types of people in this world. One is who is not keen to take even the slightest risk in fear and other is who is willing to take every opportunity that comes their way. We must keep a balance in these two extremes and try to discover our true potential; as by escaping risks, we gradually shut down our world, making it unexciting.

Opportunities don’t just happen. We must create them. By being observant and sensible, we can minimize the disappointments and maximize the probability of the success.

Whether we become successful or not, taking calculated risks will expand our capacity and life will bless us with more courage when facing darker days.

One day, all that we would be left with are the memories of the times that we took a leap of faith, whether we won or not.

May be…just may be…everything you want is on the other side of your fear.

So, think a min….because in the end, we only regret the chances we did not take.

Appreciating small things in life

We are often endowed with aspirations such as “Dream Big”, “Go for it” and “Aim for the stars” since our childhood. Yet when we follow the advice, we tend to feel exhausted and inadequate. We are so busy watching out for what is ahead of us; so busy chasing those big dreams….dreams that the society has put upon us; we hardly ever stop for a moment and take time to enjoy where we are at this very moment in life.

Life has become challenging and hectic for us, because we have never learnt to appreciate the trivial things in life. Also, being afraid of change, being afraid of moving out of our comfort zones and holding on to things that we can’t change has made our lives more depressed. Holding on to things that we do not have any control over is a waste of time and energy. Change is never easy. But finding yourself, without living other people’s expectations gives you immense sense of freedom.

Learning to accept where you are now without any regrets and learning to understand what you really need in life gives you so much inner peace.

Life is made up of moments. Moments that create both pleasure and pain. The beauty of life is also determined by those little moments. In this complex world of ours, we often need to remind ourselves of what we have accomplished and practice gratitude for everyday things that we take for granted. It will generate positive emotions that will definitely lead to a positive impact in life.

 So, think a minute….slowdown…the little things in life; may it just be,

 Laughter of your children

Blessings of your parents

A home cooked meal

Morning sunrise that light up our world

Stars that create wonders in the night

Silence echo in the darkness or just an embrace from your loved ones….

Celebrate them….appreciate them….Cherish life….!