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To Travel is to Live

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Anderson

There is nothing quite like travelling, seeing a place for the first time, experiencing a new culture or returning to a favorite place which has left you enchanted. Ibn Battuta;  the greatest traveler of Pre-modern times has once stated that “Travelling…first it leaves you speechless…Then it turns you into a storyteller”, which beautifully narrates the excitement of travelling.

Recent studies have relieved that “travelling” brings satisfaction more than financial wealth, since it open doors for many adventures. It also warms your heart and set your mind free .A travelling exposure doesn’t necessarily have to be to a foreign location; it could also be a well known local place that has captured your soul.

It is a big world out there and there are seven billion people who live each day of their lives having different yet unique experiences. Travelling allows one to grasp those experiences and conceive them into their hearts.Travelling enlightens us that how insignificant and irrelevant the problems we thought that were so significant are.It affirms us how small our surroundings are and that we are not the only ship in the sea.

Travelling gets a person out of their comfort zones, away from their routine life styles, which enables them to realise their true selves and to make most out of this precious gift of life.

Travelling allows us to witness our native ambience in a different light. We all live between the crazy chaoses of our lives, thus travelling gives the opportunity to disconnect from our regular monotonous life. It helps  to re-adjust ourselves and re-face our concerns in a more productive manner . Furthermore, travelling helps one to appreciate local settings more as away from home one comes to realise what “home” actually means.

Most importantly travelling increases our knowledge and enhances our wisdom more than reading a book can do, since we actually  get to experience a whole new world, touch the places and smell the fragrances. It helps to build open minded persons as it encourages one to encounter different backgrounds. Food and culture is the most important in a new location , as different flavors of food and different colours of the culture of a far away destination is a soul awakening experience for sure.

One would never regret taking time off and spending the valuable savings while flying away to a distant  location, since to travel is eventually is to find yourself and most importantly it allows you to be in love with the cities that you have never been to and adore the people that you have never met. Travelling gives you strength to appreciate the dissimilarities between different cultures and to embrace the similarities among them , explaining that ultimately all of us belong to the same tribe  of “ humans on Earth”.