To Travel is to Live

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Anderson

There is nothing quite like travelling, seeing a place for the first time, experiencing a new culture or returning to a favorite place which has left you enchanted. Ibn Battuta;  the greatest traveler of Pre-modern times has once stated that “Travelling…first it leaves you speechless…Then it turns you into a storyteller”, which beautifully narrates the excitement of travelling.

Recent studies have relieved that “travelling” brings satisfaction more than financial wealth, since it open doors for many adventures. It also warms your heart and set your mind free .A travelling exposure doesn’t necessarily have to be to a foreign location; it could also be a well known local place that has captured your soul.

It is a big world out there and there are seven billion people who live each day of their lives having different yet unique experiences. Travelling allows one to grasp those experiences and conceive them into their hearts.Travelling enlightens us that how insignificant and irrelevant the problems we thought that were so significant are.It affirms us how small our surroundings are and that we are not the only ship in the sea.

Travelling gets a person out of their comfort zones, away from their routine life styles, which enables them to realise their true selves and to make most out of this precious gift of life.

Travelling allows us to witness our native ambience in a different light. We all live between the crazy chaoses of our lives, thus travelling gives the opportunity to disconnect from our regular monotonous life. It helps  to re-adjust ourselves and re-face our concerns in a more productive manner . Furthermore, travelling helps one to appreciate local settings more as away from home one comes to realise what “home” actually means.

Most importantly travelling increases our knowledge and enhances our wisdom more than reading a book can do, since we actually  get to experience a whole new world, touch the places and smell the fragrances. It helps to build open minded persons as it encourages one to encounter different backgrounds. Food and culture is the most important in a new location , as different flavors of food and different colours of the culture of a far away destination is a soul awakening experience for sure.

One would never regret taking time off and spending the valuable savings while flying away to a distant  location, since to travel is eventually is to find yourself and most importantly it allows you to be in love with the cities that you have never been to and adore the people that you have never met. Travelling gives you strength to appreciate the dissimilarities between different cultures and to embrace the similarities among them , explaining that ultimately all of us belong to the same tribe  of “ humans on Earth”.

Let the Children be…..

“The word can be a serious place. That is why it is important to go outside and play. I hope you take time to smell all the flowers and put all the leaves you want in your bucket now” – Words by Mark Zuckerberg to his daughter “August”

Children are the beautiful flowers that blossoms in the life’s garden. They are the sunshine that brings warmth into our heart and we as parents holds the greatest responsibility of shaping them as all the children are uncut diamonds. Every child is gifted in his own way and behind every kid who believes in himself; there is the parents who believed in him first and let him be proud of himself.

The future world desires a generation with an optimistic sense of self and who is able to feel the beauty in the surroundings; not robotic creatures who fail to see the colours in this world.

The greatest thing we can do for our children is “let them just be children” for they will not have this precious childhood for long. They should be free from the pressure and free from judgments for they are the tiny version of our selves who needs love and acceptance to follow their vivid and unscripted imaginations.

Let them dream and let them be sad, since that is how they should be taught that the world will not be fair for them always.  Let them play; let them eat that ice cream that they so badly crave. Hopefully if one day we can allow them to run outside when it’s raining or if we let them remove shoes and dance in that puddle of water that they find so fascinating and let them shout and laugh when the sun rays touches their faces; they will have the chance to grasp that ever so magical childhood that their small hearts yearn from us.

Love is what they need to thrive and be confident yet humble human beings.  We as modern parents are prepared to do almost anything for our children except letting them just be themselves. At the end, our task as parents should be to ensure that our children will always have a home filled with love and understanding to return to…no matter where they wonder off in life.

Just think a min

A tribute to an Unknown Soul…..

Life is too short and happiness is too rare

One day when I was waiting in the car, looking at the road and wondering about everything…wondering about nothing…Then I saw this person, a pleasant looking middle aged person. He was crossing the road. It was just an ordinary sight. And then…..BLAST….!!! He was down and bleeding. He has been hit by another vehicle. It all happened within a blink of an eye that it took me a while to realize what had really happened.

People gathered around him, someone called for an ambulance. Someone else called for police. I was in a state of shock for a few minutes. I was may be the only person who saw him….just seconds before he passed out. I saw how he was struggling to get up. I know he wanted to LIVE. The ambulance drove away hurriedly…leaving me with thousands of emotions.

Maybe his wife was waiting for him at home. May be he has promised his children that he will come home early that day. May be he was returning from meeting someone he loves. May be he was his parents last hope.

Life is so fragile, we hear this almost every day. Yet, have we really apprehended it?

We always wonder about the purpose of our existence in this world, hesitating whether we are at the right place at this phase of our lives; that we forget everyday to LIVE life. What we fail to realize is that we are losing precious moments of our lives which we can never be reoccurred.

Love and respect everyone around you. Who knows? It may be the last time you will get to see them. Take one moment at a time. Walk through life a little slower. Do not waste this precious life stressing over things you do not have any control. Our happiness lies within us. We will not find it anywhere else.

Love with an open heart. Love fully, forgive easily and choose wisely. Just take a look around. There are so many things to be appreciative to… people who makes the life worth living for. Life is beautiful. We just have to feel it. Follow your heart, listen to the nature; you may find the answers there and you may just find yourself there…!

Grow old with me…..the best is yet to be…..

Growing old together, still being in love is the most beautiful fraction of a relationship. Though it is not a miracle; it’s certainly an accomplishment that requires much dedication. The fact that whether you are with the right person holds very little significance since, it is very seldom in life that we find the ideal life partner. A great relationship is all about learning to love the person you are committed to and treasuring your better half for the rest of your life.

Witnessing an amazing transformation

Growing old together means, grasping the changes that life offer along the way; those changes may be in the form of financial, physical or social. It is also witnessing your partner embracing an amazing transformation from young and naïve in to an old and bold individual.  Happiness is not a constant state of mind and true relationship involves a roller coaster ride which has its own ups and downs. Romance and intimacy to be present daily is a myth and accepting this fact and uncovering ways to revive these feelings is what a strong bond requires. Every now and then engaging in childlike activities and discovering ways to have fun in various ways without losing the sense of wonder keeps the mundane feelings away from the relationship.

While children will undoubtedly make the foundation of the marriage more solid; experiencing the whole journey of parenthood together is the essence that adds flavor to the marriage.

It is the little things that matters

It is the small gestures in life that create the biggest joys in the heart. Hence showing the love and affection you have for each other every day even in a small act can bring so many blessings in to the relationship. May it be a text message with love, a surprised gift, a bouquet of flowers or just a random hug.

Wrinkles bring wisdom in to the marriage and it is a real privilege to have someone to grow old with, to have someone to expose your vulnerabilities and finding a sense of protection in one another. Pure kindness towards each other shields the relationship from the evils in the world and being each others’ best friend throughout this journey makes the living worthwhile. It may not be a perfect journey, but a unique one that belongs only to the two of you.

Growing old together is experiencing an adventure with your best friend and what matters most is learning to enjoy the ride along the way. A true love is finding a place to call “Home” in one another, believing in each other, staying strong for each other at their worst and finally arriving at every destination in life…holding hands..Together…!

Why “She” should be respected

The sunshine that surrounds us…the warmth of a woman…

Imagine a day without women; just think what would life be like if there is no essence of a woman in it.  Then you will know her worth.

Women paint this world with many colors with their diverse emotions. Though women are considered to be fragile and sentimental, they embrace their beauty with this vulnerability. Women have the ability to transform any tiresome venture to an exciting one. Often women add serenity and they help to practice a realistic approach to most critical scenarios in life. A woman’s contribution to this world is simply a positive one. Most importantly she convert a house to a home.

A woman’s ability to love unconditionally and compassionately is the epitome that the life on earth still lingers on.   Her kindness towards every relationship in her life and her ability to forgive even when it’s hurting; has made her the pillar of strength in the family. A woman is a silence sufferer. She holds a strong emotional endurance. For most women every day is a constant struggle. A struggle to survive and to maintain a balance in their lives; a struggle to take care of every one that depends on them while keeping their sanity.  This process is somewhat unknown to the men in their lives as they always tend to hide their pain in their laughter.

Women generally love to laugh. Their laughter has the ability to make every despair in life disappear.  A home where the woman is smiling is a place where there is a bliss of paradise; since her sincere smile can lighten up any house hold whether it is a shelter or a palace.

A woman’s most prized possession and her most sacred position derives in the form of motherhood. She nurtures the future of this world because she knows that the greatest contribution to nature itself is the little lives she raises.

As it is expressed by someone;

You can feel the strength of a woman in the form of a mother…..

You can feel her innocence in the form of a daughter…..

You can feel her care in the form of a sister


You can feel the depth of her soul in the in the form of a lover….!

So, while women should empower each other everyday, as they understand their journey and their pain better than anyone else; men should encourage them, protect them, value them…most of all respect them. It will certainly give them wings to fly.

The pleasure of Reading

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes”

Reading may be an obligation for academics, a past time activity for some, but it sure is a pleasure for many. The joyful satisfaction of reading is instant and it endures in the mind of the reader.

Reading a good book is like taking a journey; experiencing an adventure. It opens up a whole new world where one can smell countless fragrances of life. In the world of reading, one can make an almost impossible existence, livable. We can leisurely place ourselves in the world the author has created; since it is a free ride to the infinite world of possibilities.  One of the greatest pleasures that can be gained through a good read is that the reader can forget his own identity for a while and wonder off to an alien reality. It helps to lift up the harsh realities of everyday life in to a beautiful world of imagination. A book has a magical touch that can convert a negative emotion to a positive one, since it allows you to grasp the emotions of another individual who may has a different kind of perception to life. Reading facilitates an open mind, which empowers the reader with the wisdom that is much needed in this world full of chaos.

The world belongs to those who read, since what you read is what you think and what you think is what you ultimately become.  May it be a book, a newspaper or any form of readable material, we can experience the history, different cultures and different philosophies in this world by consuming them. Reading enriches our experiences and sharpens our judgments. A book can be a good companion when the life becomes lonely, since it gives you company, when our friends cannot.

Reading gifts you with one of the greatest enjoyments in life. As they say, “books are uniquely portable magic” that helps to add a little sparkle to our souls. It feels so refreshing to lose ourselves once in a while in a good read as we might find our true selves in there too….

A father’s Love…the unspoken emotion…!

To the most magical person in my life….

The day that I first held you in my arms; my soul saw you and it kind of went…Oh, there you are…I’ve been searching for you all my life. From the moment I have laid my eyes on you, I have found the purpose to my existence in this world.

Though, the days have become longer and a good night’s sleep has become a luxury, you make every little obstacle in life worth taking on and they seem to disappear when I see your smiling face. Life kept on challenging me in so many ways and from you I finally found the reason. Through those tests and trials I have become stronger, to be there for you when the going gets tough.

The love I have for you; the responsibilities that grew within me since the day you arrived, changed and shaped my life in such a way that I cannot still believe how someone so little have such profound effect on me from the very first sight. Days before you; I considered myself to be the toughest person among my friends, indifferent to many things happening around me. But, you proved me wrong. I am now a different person, a very sensitive person; because I have become very protective of you. I want to shield you from the evil in this world.

The best parent in me you may have not seen, but what I see is the most precious person in you; my best friend in you.

I love how your face lightens up when you see me, as if I’m the only hero in your life. I love how your little finger grasps my hand, as if I’m the only protector you have. I love how you cuddle with me, as if my warmth gives you the greatest comfort in this world.

Spread your wings and live LIFE to the fullest my little angel; because I am going to live mine through your eyes. I LOVE YOU!



When we stop taking risks…We stop living life….

As we continue in life’s journey, there comes many instances where the choice of a risk is given. It may be involved with moving to a different place, changing careers, having a child or simply falling in love. In some occasions we may be given an option and in some, there’s no other alternative than taking the leap.

Risks, by nature are very terrifying. It’s consequences are uncertain and unpredictable. There’s always a possibility that we may have to pick up shattered pieces and start all over again. Nevertheless, what we must realize is that out of our comfort zone is where magic happens.

Risks gives us the opportunity to explore our dreams and aspirations. It tests our talents and limits.  Taking risks enhance our self- Risks allow us to nurture and discover new things about ourselves and also about this world.

There are two types of people in this world. One is who is not keen to take even the slightest risk in fear and other is who is willing to take every opportunity that comes their way. We must keep a balance in these two extremes and try to discover our true potential; as by escaping risks, we gradually shut down our world, making it unexciting.

Opportunities don’t just happen. We must create them. By being observant and sensible, we can minimize the disappointments and maximize the probability of the success.

Whether we become successful or not, taking calculated risks will expand our capacity and life will bless us with more courage when facing darker days.

One day, all that we would be left with are the memories of the times that we took a leap of faith, whether we won or not.

May be…just may be…everything you want is on the other side of your fear.

So, think a min….because in the end, we only regret the chances we did not take.

Appreciating small things in life

We are often endowed with aspirations such as “Dream Big”, “Go for it” and “Aim for the stars” since our childhood. Yet when we follow the advice, we tend to feel exhausted and inadequate. We are so busy watching out for what is ahead of us; so busy chasing those big dreams….dreams that the society has put upon us; we hardly ever stop for a moment and take time to enjoy where we are at this very moment in life.

Life has become challenging and hectic for us, because we have never learnt to appreciate the trivial things in life. Also, being afraid of change, being afraid of moving out of our comfort zones and holding on to things that we can’t change has made our lives more depressed. Holding on to things that we do not have any control over is a waste of time and energy. Change is never easy. But finding yourself, without living other people’s expectations gives you immense sense of freedom.

Learning to accept where you are now without any regrets and learning to understand what you really need in life gives you so much inner peace.

Life is made up of moments. Moments that create both pleasure and pain. The beauty of life is also determined by those little moments. In this complex world of ours, we often need to remind ourselves of what we have accomplished and practice gratitude for everyday things that we take for granted. It will generate positive emotions that will definitely lead to a positive impact in life.

 So, think a minute….slowdown…the little things in life; may it just be,

 Laughter of your children

Blessings of your parents

A home cooked meal

Morning sunrise that light up our world

Stars that create wonders in the night

Silence echo in the darkness or just an embrace from your loved ones….

Celebrate them….appreciate them….Cherish life….!